Business Intelligence Solutions for Higher Education

Tiller provides a full suite of tools and services to help colleges and universities monitor and improve their core operations

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Tiller can quickly and affordably set up a unique dashboard for your campus.

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Data Analytics/Business Intelligence

  • Performance dashboard for data tracking, accountability, and performance improvements
  • Ongoing industry benchmarks and best practices
  • Analysis of performance – identification of areas that could be improved

Capabilities Assessment and Recommendations

  • Review of internal and/or OPM operations
  • Audit of key services
    • Market research
    • Marketing
    • Enrollment/recruiting
    • Student support
    • Instructional design
  • Report card with grading and comments

Operations Support

  • Process mapping
    • Workflows
    • Systems
  • Identification of bottlenecks and potential barriers to growing at scale
  • New systems implementation and integration
  • HR and staffing/recruiting support and guidance

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